World’s Best Sounding Hybrid TWS Earbuds!
Dynamic sound at an exceptional price
Hybrid drivers with patented crossover produce sound so crisp and rich, you’d think you were wearing high end headphones.
Discover audio clarity never before possible
Arouse your hearing
and your emotions
Hybrid Drivers and Exclusive Crossover
Each SOUNDPEATS H1 integrates a Knowles balanced armature driver, a customized dynamic driver and a patented crossover as genetic material embedded into its DNA for reproducing authentic audio with a palpable difference.
Knowles BA Driver
Experience the music coming alive, as the 8.6mm Dynamic Driver transparently reproduces rich details in the mids and resonant depth in the bass.
The Knowles balanced armature driver turns up the treble for exceptional clarity, expressiveness and dynamic range.
Next generation Qualcomm® technology
The ground-breaking Qualcomm® TrueWireless™ Mirroring Technology makes life easy with one-click-pairing for both earbuds and a seamless swap between them.
Connection stability+30%
Compared with the previous generation

Ultra-long 40 hours playtime

Soundpeats H1 utilizes larger batteries for a minimum of 40 hours wireless playback – 10 hours per single charge with additional charges in the case.
Intuitive touch and voice controls
With all the controls on the earbuds, you can control everything through gentle taps from your fingertips.
Saying, “Hi Soundpeats” wakes up the voice assistant who will immediately answer your query or perform the command you request.
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